Nov 11

Essay Writing Tips


images (9)Undoubtedly, writing an essay can be very hectic especially when the writer fails to follow particular steps, therefore, following simple steps will enable the writer to easily create an interesting essay.

 Research and Outline: When writing an essay, start by conducting extensive and exhaustive research on the topic so as to acquire enough knowledge and information about the topic. It is advisable to save all related research and note necessary details like the book’s title, author’s name, and the year of publication. Thereafter, prepare an outline of the essay before writing it. Start by developing headings to be able to add content easily and guarantee smooth flow of the essay.

Introduction: More so, introduction is the most significant part of essay writing since it can either attract the reader’s attention or lose it completely. A boring introduction turns off the reader’s interest; therefore, the essay’s introduction should be strong, logical and very interesting. Typically, the introduction is written to provide general background of the topic, define and clarify basic terms and concepts used in the essay, provide summary of overall content, state research questions as well as providing convincing explanation how your research can add valuable knowledge in the field of academia.

Paragraphs: In addition, organize your work in paragraphs and ensure that in the body, every paragraph contains a single central idea with an important supporting point with adequate evidence and logic.

Conclusion and Format: After the body, provide a complete summary with an interesting remark in the conclusion part. Moreover, the essay should follow the instructed format to provide attractive essay structure and this increases marks.

Referencing and Proofreading: Accordingly, referencing is very important as it provides credit and acknowledges other scholars works and avoid plagiarism. Lastly, proofread your essay to avoid grammar, punctuation and other unnecessary errors.

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