Sep 14

Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

Order Description
Must be in Business Case format. Also one of the references must be back to one of these 2 text books
Tricker, B 2015, Corporate governance: principles, policies and practices, 3rd edn, Oxford University Press (ISBN: 9780198702757). The 2nd edition is also suitable
(ISBN: 9780199607969).


Consider a publicly listed company whose business performance has been criticised publicly and, using its annual report, reference documents about the company (e.g.
analysts? reports, in-depth interviews and articles, documents on company?s website) and write a report about its governance protocols and practices. (This could
include independence of directors, length of tenure of directors, other responsibilities of directors, etc.).

Whichever option you choose your report should include:

A brief description of the organisation and its background/industry. This description should be a short section only.
An outline of the bases or criteria for the review of the organisation?s governance. For example, mention which standards or guiding principles are relevant for the
review, discuss their importance and why it is appropriate for you to use them.
A critical review of the organisation?s governance applying the relevant concepts, principles, standards or other tools and techniques learnt during this subject, in
accordance with your discussion above.
A list of recommendations for suggested improvement based on your review. The recommendations should only be a short section in the overall report.

Sep 14

Approach and Management to an Episodic Illness in the Primary Care Setting


Approach and Management to an Episodic Illness in the Primary Care Setting

Order Description
Journal Assignment: Discuss an episodic illness and discuss the pathways, guidelines, or algorithms used when caring for this patient in a primary care setting.

Sep 14

Understanding Moodle Students: Motivations and Participation Indicative of Course Satisfaction


Understanding Moodle Students: Motivations and Participation Indicative of Course Satisfaction
Order Description
The dissertation proposal and relevent satistics will be uploaded later. Please make sure to extend based on the proposal and the analyse the satistics.

Your pages should be numbered in one continuous sequence, in the right-hand top corner, from the title page to the last page of type. Your dissertation should be
printed on A4 size paper, in double-spacing; the margin at the binding edge should be not less than 40 mm (1.5 inches) and other margins not less than 20 mm (0.75
inches). Using Arial font, at a size no less than 11.

Sep 14

A cross-cultural examination of the differences in attitude towards crime and Introduction


A cross-cultural examination of the differences in attitude towards crime and Introduction

Order Description
Check what I wrote
Write a fully new one
Using my atatchments
Refer to my results
I need it this way
Summary of results
Previous reaserch
Future suggestions
Find references for me but make they match content.
The maximum amount of references. I need references for my limitations. For Cronbach alpha. For LIKERT scale. For previous related research.

References for differences in gender.
Match my discussion to Aims and Objectives The primary aim of this study is to quantitatively and qualitatively assess societal perceptions of crime in the UK and
Oman. This is done by testing if there are any significant differences between these two regions in relation to crime and criminal activity. In striving to achieve
these aims, this study intends to accomplish the following research objectives: 1. To quantitatively and qualitatively document societal perceptions of crime and
criminal activity in the UK and Oman. 2. To identify key differences in societal perceptions of crime and criminal activity in the UK and Oman. 3. To compare societal
perceptions of crime and criminal activity in the UK and Oman with national punitive approaches and laws. 4. To offer guidance about differences in societal and
cultural perceptions to future researchers and practitioners based on the evidence presented within this analysis. 5. To qualitatively assess attitudes toward
punishment in the UK and Oman and compare findings with quantitative results.

Jun 27

Why Should You Opt for Custom Research Paper Writing Service?


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There are various reasons to take help of custom research paper writing service provider from the market.

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Jun 08

Why You Need to Take up Best Coursework Writing Services?


Are you looking to pursue a Master’s Degree or a doctorate degree? If it is so, you need to learn the ways of writing a coursework. A coursework is judged usually on the basis of the significance of the subject matter. If your subject is relevant to the readers and interesting, you are sure to get high marks. There has to be a proper assignment table of contents along with the main matter of the coursework. Choosing a good company for best coursework writing services is the fabulous way to present a quality coursework in the examination. A coursework implies writing practical work during the course of studies. Students who do not have time to write quality coursework can take up professional assistance.Best Coursework Writing Services

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Jun 01

Getting Services That Can Write My Essay for Me


Write My Essay for MeThere are many people who are found wondering which company can write my essay for me? These people are mainly students who are required to put together strong essays and papers that can help them fetch good scores in their academics. However, there are many students who are not aware of the fact that putting together an effective and strong essay requires good practice. It is basically a complicated procedure. Part of the challenge of writing an essay is getting the coherent product in place. This means that coming up with an essay that makes sense and hangs together. If you want your essay to be interesting, make sure that the essay content is right on the track and it should wander away from the main and the central point. Parallel construction is one of the most useful strategies that can be used in coming up with the best essay.

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May 25

Essential Features of a Good Term Paper Writing Service Provider


In the case of writing the term papers, you can easily depend on the professional companies which are known for providing this sort of services. But how will you judge that the company is a good one or not in providing Term Paper Writing Service? To judge a company whether it is good or not you should browse their site and look for the features. All the top rated companies follow almost same procedure and have similar kind of features that makes them an impeccable choice in the market.Term Paper Writing Service

Features of a Good Term Paper Writing Service Provider

Any good company like Research Master Essays have a few striking features that can make them not only the market leader but you can easily recognize them also. The features are as follows,

  • High-quality services: a promise to provide the high-quality services is one of the best features that every good company has in this industry. Not only that if a company is good then they also provide you with a few samples which bear the mark of their quality writing and help you to make your mind.
  • Plagiarism free content: if the company is good then providing 100% plagiarism free paper should be their virtue and a written commitment for the same must be there.
  • On time delivery: delivering the contents on time is another feature that every good company follows religiously.
  • Free revisions: any good company that provides Term Paper Writing Service should have offered a chance for the free revision service if needed.
  • Individual approach: presenting an individual approach and an eye to detailing is also considered as one of the most important features of a top quality company.
  • Round the clock support: a company should have round the clock support for their customers and also good quality after sales service as well.

May 21

Know the Custom Essay Writing Service Basics


Essays are considered as one of the most important parts of your study and thus, you need to do it in a proper manner so that it can help you to get good grades and increase the overall academic performance. With the help of professional Custom Essay Writing Service provided by companies like Research Master Essays you can easily accomplish this job. The main reason for hiring this kind of companies is to save a great deal of time along with getting a top quality essay for you submission. So employing a company can fetch you more good results than you can imagine. But before you have zeroed a company like this you should have know about the basics of their operation so that you can prepare yourself and get your essays done in no time.Custom Essay Writing Service

Custom essay writing service basics

Students hiring a professional Custom Essay Writing Service should know a few basic things before hiring a company for the same. First of all don’t go for the companies which offer cheap rates, because they likely to outsource the work to writers who are not having the exceptional writing capabilities that you are in need of and you may end up buying essays that don’t worth even a penny. Any good company follows a set of pertinent questions regarding the subjects.

Apart from that before starting the work they also seek information about the time limit, topic, and the number of pages you need, citations needed and so on. Check whether the company has any policies for free revisions or not so that if you need you can ask for the same. In a good company, you should also have the scope to select your writer too.

Sep 22

Empower every ‘word’ virtually with College Essay Writing Services


With the rising levels of educational competition, every student is expected to excel in every field with distinction and supremacy. Hence, online plinths have initiated virtual solutions as a boon to the educational need of students in connection with their school workloads.

College essay writing services empathizes with the growing stress of students when it comes to battling their curriculum pressures. Today, the majority of schools emphasize on giving assignment tasks or rather homework tasks to children with fixed deadlines and along with the expectations of perfection and excellence. It becomes mentally as well as intellectually taxing for students to meet up with these rising expectations of schools. At the same time, it is a well known fact that assignment tasks can be equally mind boggling and time consuming, thus providing zero scope for mental rest for students. Thus the internet world has introduced advanced online mediums through which students can look forward to professional help and assistance when it comes to balancing their workload pressures.

How it works?

Thus shouldering the responsibility of task completions of students, college essay writing services helps students with regard to assignment help, research work, book report, thesis writing, coursework, dissertation help, etc. They provide assistance packages as per the requirement of the student. A distinguished panel of esteemed professors and faculties having an array of experience in all industrial fields is a part of this online medium. They cover assisting areas like writing services, editing, admission related write-ups, thesis related and many more. The panel of writers in connection, have excelled in different writing styles, hence the piece of assistance delivered comes with a sense of fulfilment, excellence and success guarantee.

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