Feb 21

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Students at a young age start to write essays. These essays have a great scope in various fields. There are various fields which actually have incorporated essay writing as a working procedure. This is the reason why academicians have given a special position to essays in the syllabus in almost all courses. The students who are able to write well can easily write an essay after research. The ones who are unable to write essays because of any reason take help from the best custom essay writing services.

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Parts of an essay:

  • Introduction: as the name suggests it gives a brief snapshot of the topic or issue in the essay.
  • Body : the most lengthy part is suggests the various arguments and material in support of the issue
  • Conclusion: this part gives the end result of the topic and finishes the research made so far.

Types of an academic essay

  • Narrative: it is the writing of an actual instance which has taken place. It means to make the readers aware of certain happening through words.
  • Descriptive: this type as the name suggests, is to provide a qualitative description of a particular thing, person or happening.
  • Expository: this type means to provide information or explain some process to the reader.
  • Persuasive: this type of essay is used to persuade s person by giving arguments in favor or against the given topic.