Feb 13

How to Write a Research Paper?


With the importance of research growing day by day writing research papers is becoming a crucial and difficult task. The reason basically is the increasing competition which has raised the level of writing research papers. It is because this demand of quality in research papers, students have started hiring custom research paper writing services. Yet research paper writing follows a set pattern.

Steps in writing a research paper:

The various steps in writing a research paper are:

  • Select a topic: this is by far the most difficult thing. Selection of a good topic requires a person to consult people and brain storm effectively.
  • Research: the paper is all about research. The methods of research maybe questionnaires, books, references etc.
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  • Write an outline: this is the starting point in a research paper where the writer pen down the research in a brief form.
  • Write an introduction: this part of the paper introduces the topic selected.
  • Write thesis: the thesis actually includes the research made by the person.
  • Write conclusion: the conclusion highlights the outcomes of the research and its application in the world.
  • Revisions: after writing conclusions the writer must read the paper and revise the research paper he something is missing.

These were the basic steps which every expert follows before writing a research paper. Creative application of such steps can make a research paper unique.