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Terms and Conditions of Use



1.1 "Website" and "Company" as terms refer to Research Master Essays

1.2 "Customer" refers all website users who place an order and agree to the terms and conditions covered in this Agreement.

1.3 "Agreement" refers to this documentation of the website’s Terms and Conditions.

1.4 "Order" is a request for the Company’s products submitted on its website by the Customer.

1.5 "Product" is a document of academic writing in electronic format, produced by a Writer of the Company and delivered to the Customer.

1.6 "Writer" is a person employed by the Company. The responsibilities of the Writer include conducting research and providing Products to the Customer on the Company’s behalf.

1.7 "Product Revision" stands for a request of editing for the final Product the Customer submits according to his/her initial guidelines.

1.8 "Order Status" as a term defines the current stage of the Order’s completion progress.

1.9 "Quality Assurance Department" is a specialized Company’s sector responsible for evaluating and protecting the quality of provided services and Products.

1.10 "Team of Support" is a Company’s sector specialized in assisting and coordinating the Order process.

1.11 "Verification" is a process of confirming the Customer’s billing identity with the aim of preventing fraud and misuse of the Company’s services.

1.12 "Messaging System" is a software that enables the communication between the Company’s Team of Support or Writer and the Customer. 


2.1 The Company ensures the Customer’s security and will never impart or resell any personal data or credit card information of the Customer to any third party. The Customer is protected from the dangers of payment information being stolen by the dependable and secure online instalment frameworks of the Website.

2.2 Certain pages (such as the order form) of the Website require the Customer to provide their personal information, including the name, telephone number, street address, and e-mail address. The Company requires this information with the aim of contacting the Customer and delivering the Order. This information will not be utilized for any other purpose.

2.3 The Writer of the Order doesn't have access to the Customer’s personal information. The Company doesn't take responsibility for any information voluntary disclosed by the Customer to the Writer during their communication process associated to the Order.


3.1. The Company enables the Customer to use researching and writing services of professional qualified Writers who produce content according to the Customer's initial requirements in the order form.

3.2. The Company does not make any guarantees regarding the outcome and grades the Customer will achieve as a result of the Product.

3.3. The Company is not responsible for any misuse of the Product by the Customer.


4.1. When completing the Order Form and placing the Order, the Customer has a responsibility to provide a valid e-mail address and correct mobile or/and phone number where the Company can reach him/her regarding the preparation and completion of the Order. Failure to provide the required information is considered violation of these Terms and Conditions and may affect the completion and delivery of the Product.

4.2. The process of completion of the Order will start after the Company receives payment of the total amount for the service and/or Product. The Company does not take responsibility for the delays that take place due to the failure of the Customer to provide payment on time.

4.3. The Discount Policy of the Company enables regular special offers and discount codes that can be used by the Customer for a reduction of the final price of the Order. The Customer cannot combine discount codes and special offers and use more than one at a time.

4.4. The Company is responsible for following the precise and clear requirements and instructions provided in the Order Form by the Customer. The company doesn’t respond to complaints made by the Customer regarding the completed Order when they result due to failure of the Customer to provide clear and detailed instructions and additional information regarding the content of the Order. Any changes of the initial instructions provided by the Customer are considered editing, which is charged as an additional Service required by the Customer.

4.5. Any revisions required by the Customer must be justified and in compliance with the Company’s Revision Policy.

4.6. The Writer is allowed to use all available sources for completing the Order. These sources include books, journals, academic publications, online publications, etc. The Customer can require the Writer to use or ignore specific sources for the completion of their Order. When the Customer requires the Writer to use certain sources, the Customer is responsible to provide them by the following deadlines:

- Within 20 minutes after placing an Order with urgency level less than 12 hours;

- Within 1 hour after placing an Order with urgency of 12-48 hours;

- Within 8 hours after placing an Order with urgency of 48 hours-2 days.

Failure to comply with the terms of providing the sources is considered as violation of these Terms and Conditions.

4.7. The Customer has responsibility to check the Messaging System on regular basis in order to get acquainted to the updates and messages delivered by the Writer or/and Support System of the Company. The Customer is responsible to use the Messaging System to address any concerns, ask questions, or/and deliver additional requirements or instructions. The Company doesn’t take responsibility for the failure of the Customer to respond to this communication. The Customer is advised to contact the Support Team for instructions on how to use the Messaging System.

4.8. The Customer has the responsibility to select the right deadline, academic level, and Product in the Order Form and provide correct description of the Order. The company doesn’t take any responsibility for the failure of the Customer to choose the correct options and provide correct information. Any alternations contradictory to the initial instructions are subjected to additional charges before the Order completion proceeds.


5.1. The top priority of the Company is to provide highest satisfaction of the Customer with its Products and/or services.

5.2. The Customer is responsible to provide correct contact information and contact the Support Team in case any issues with the Product or delivery take place.

5.3. If the Company fails to deliver the Product on time, the Customer is entitled to a refund according to the Company’s Money Back Policy.

5.4. If the Product does not satisfy the initial requirements of the Customer, the Customer is entitled to free revisions according to the Company’s Revision Policy.


6.1. The Company guarantees to deliver completely original Product for the Customer's Order.

6.2. The Company retains the full copyright to the Product and other materials delivered to the Customer.

6.3. The Customer may use the Product obtained by the Company for noncommercial, personal use only. The Customer is not allowed to display, transmit, publish, or distribute the Product without obtaining prior consent of the Company in written form.

6.4. Any type of unauthorized use of the Product delivered by the Company may subject the Customer to criminal or civil penalties.

Revision PoLICY


Your revision instructions mustn't be contradictory to your initial instructions for the paper. Your complaints will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department. In case your original requirements have been satisfied by the provided content, your request for free revisions will be denied.

You can submit your request for revisions by using the 'Send for revision' option available in your personal account. We advise you to check the content of your paper and use that option before you approve it, but we also give you the right to ask for revisions within 7 or 14 days after you've clicked the approval button.

You can ask for free revisions at any time before you approve the content of the delivered paper. This is why we encourage you to read and evaluate its quality and make sure it’s what you need before you click the 'Approve' button. If you encounter technical problems that prevent you from seeing the paper in preview mode, make sure to get in touch with our customer support and require the preview to be provided in a different format. If the paper doesn't exceed 20 pages, we allow you to ask for revisions within 7 days after you approve it. In case the paper is longer than 20 pages, you can ask for it to be revised within 14 days after you approve it.

You can ask for as many revisions as needed until your initial requirements and our standards of quality are met, but this cannot override the timeline of request specified above.

If our Quality Assurance Department finds that your revision requests aren't in compliance with the terms mentioned above, you can make a new order and provide detailed instructions about all changes your paper needs.

The most important thing to remember is that the time for revision requirements is limited after you approve the paper or its completion whichever comes later - 7 days for papers shorter than 20 pages and 14 days for papers longer than 20 pages. You will not be entitled to free revisions after this deadline.

If your requirements for revisions include additional guidelines different from the ones you provided when you initially placed the order, we will charge a fee for re-writing according to the complexity of the changes you require. You can contact our customer support team at any time to ask for an estimation of the price in such case.

Our company appreciates your needs and we always do our best to satisfy your requirements. If the reason for your dissatisfaction is our fault, we guarantee to fix the issue without requiring additional payments. However, if your revision request doesn't comply with our free revision policy, your request will be denied and you will be able to place a new order with your additional requirements. 



If you change your mind right after placing the order and you ask for cancellation before we get a writer to start working on it, you are qualified to receive a full refund. However, you can only claim 70% refund if the writer has already started working on the paper and less than half of the deadline period has already passed. You understand that the writer has to be compensated for the work they have already completed. If you cancel the order when more than a half of your deadline has passed, you can only claim up to 50% refund. If the writer has already completed the paper and delivered it to you before the due date, you cannot cancel your order and receive a refund.

If you placed a double order by mistake, make sure to contact us within the shortest time possible in order to cancel the double order. If you don't cancel the extra order before we assign it to a writer, we will treat it as a regular order, which you can cancel according to the above-mentioned conditions. If there was mistake in payment and your order was double-charged, please forward both invoices you received and we will immediately issue a full refund of the payment made by mistake.

If we don't have an available writer in the appropriate field of study, we won't accept the order and we will issue a full refund immediately after clarifying the situation. If this happens, we will provide you with a beneficial discount code which you can use for your next order with us.

If the writer hasn't delivered the paper within the given dealine you are entitled to claim refund that fully covers time delivery difference. If the paper has been delivered before the initial deadline no extra payment will be charged

Revisions are an exception to this policy. If the delivery is delayed because of extra requirements you made, you cannot request a refund.


If we deliver the paper on time, but you have remarks about the quality of its content, you have the right to request partial refund, free revisions, or another writer to work on the paper. Please note that if you dispute the quality of the paper, we will ask you to provide strong reasons and back up your claim with examples and evidence. If you don't provide the required information within 14 days after opening the dispute, we will close your case and no refund will be allowed.

Each dispute is approached individually and the percentage of allowed refund is suggested independently, according to the specific case.

Please make sure to review the content of your paper before approving it. Once you approve its final version, you already confirmed your satisfaction and the situation is more complicated. We will provide revisions if you justify your requirements, but please contact the customer support and follow their instructions thereafter. 



Before completing the order at Research Mater Essays you must confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and will oblige to our user agreement. If you need any clarification it is better to first send us such request and later finish the order. Our clients understand that the products and services we provide are not to be used for any other but reference purposes only and we are not making any guarantees they will have any effect on their marks.

Together with your order you are obliged to also include all information you have about your academic assignment with your clear and precise instructions. If the materials required for completing your paper are rare or otherwise unavailable it would be better to provide a specification of the sources as soon as possible so there won't be any delays with your writing. You are also responsible for choosing the correct academic level for your paper when placing the order. If your entry was wrong, by mistake or intention, please contact our Support Team immediately because additional changes, after the work on your paper has already started, may result in increased price of the final product.


Once you complete the order and accept the user agreement you automatically authorize our company to charge your account for the full amount of the purchased products and services. Information about current and previous orders can be found in the customer profile.


Your order can be cancelled for whatever reason and with no additional costs if you send us a formal email requesting it before the appointed writer has started researching or writing your paper. We review each cancelation request individually and reserve the right to disapprove it if we find out the user agreement was violated.


The writers at Research Master Essays will always deliver their works on time as agreed, but our company will not be held accountable for delivery delays due to customers failing to promptly respond in instances like the following:

Billing Verification - When creating your account you must fill in correct billing data, and to make sure it is consent to our anti-fraud policy verify the request sent by our company. We are not responsible for delays that occur because you have failed to do this promptly.

Contact via Phone and Email - In the order form you must specify a valid email and phone number where your writer can reach you with important questions, concerns and requests for additional instructions regarding your paper. You must regularly check your email account and be available to answer phone calls so you can immediately clarify any uncertainties your writer may have and prevent delays. If delays do happen as a result, they will be considered your neglect and as such won't constitute a solid reason for a refund.

Editing Free revisions do not include changes in the instructions and requirements sent with the initial order and in the scope of the work involved. These are considered part of our editing services and are additionally charged, automatically prolonging the final date of your paper.

On-time Payment - The assigned writer will not start working on your order if the entire amount is not paid on time. Delays in payment may cause delivery delays for which our company is not responsible.

If delivery issue arises and you haven't received your paper as scheduled you are advised to immediately contact our Support Team whose friendly stuff is available 24/7. After reviewing your request, if appropriate, you will receive a partial or full refund of your spending.


You are the person responsible for knowing and abiding the laws in your state, country and territory when buying online and using the writing and other related services that we provide. If you do not fully understand the legal restrictions, we advise you to contact your State Attorney General's office, or other equivalent legal entity, before you place an order with our company.

Using fake credit cards and other forms of violation and cybercrime are illegal acts, and as such will be reported to proper legal authorities. When placing your order at Research Master Essays you agree that you will not use the products we provide for any other purpose except as a unique reference material for your own academic work. If otherwise, you will assume full responsibility for violating the terms and conditions of the service we provide and any additional liability incurred by it.

We value the privacy of our customers and do not use cookies to personalize visits on our website, or for any other need. Our company reserves the right to inform the clients via email about new offers, promotions and discounts, and other information we deem to be useful, and if you don't want to get these messages, you can opt out of the mailing list anytime.

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